Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our vision consists of building an insurance company that is distinguished by the highest standards of customer service, loyal customer base, the fastest processing rate of insurance claims and reputable financial strength.

Meeting this vision requires consistent discipline in managerial rules, strict compliance with procedures and regulations of the industry, anticipation and consideration of events related to the market and the national and global financial landscapes. These are the challenges that we undertook when we started this company and the values we aspire to always maintain.

Our vision is to enhance the insurance industry by building a large company based on integrity, innovation and adaptability, especially since the implementation of these commitments is beneficial for customers and partners.We always insist on the strategic objectives of the business, of its development in a sustainable manner, stability, profitability while enhancing shareholder value.

Overall, our goal is to make Zenithe Insurance PLC, a key player in the insurance market in Cameroon. This will require a proactive and sustainable development approach supported by rigorous management supported by a team of dynamic professionals.

When we insure, we deliver !

Management team