Zenithe Insurance is an insurance and reinsurance company operating in the domain of damage in the Cameroonian market and soon in the Sub-Region. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of Cameroonians leading investors experienced in the management of companies who strongly believe in the future of their country and intend to contribute to its economic development.

The company's share capital initially at 500 million CFA at the start of activities has significantly grown to 3 billion CFA.

We operate in 18 branches of the non-life insurance with a wide variety of products ranging from traditional to our core products which include; Zenithe insurance Construction and Engineering, Zenithe Auto Prestige, Family Welfare, Zenithe Pro, Zenithe Air Ambulance as well as Credit Surety bonds.

In over ten years, we have achieved a combined turnover of almost 33 billion CFA which thus demonstrates the great confidence instilled in us by our customers. Over the same period, the total claims paid amount to 30 billion CFA. More again, our contribution to the national economy in various assets and income tax is around 18 billion CFA excluding wages and other benefits to staff.

In terms of territorial coverage we are represented in the 10 regions via the presence of 12 desk offices and 08 general agents. This direct network is also complemented by a partnership with strictly selected brokers.

The interconnection of the network to the head office through VPN is put in place to ensure the reliability and promptness of operations to our customers.

The company is very demanding on the profile of employees. Our workforce currently consists of 124 employees including about 45% senior staff.