Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Created in 2005, the insurance and reinsurance company operates in the commercialization of property and casualty insurance products, aims to position itself as the best in the sector on the Cameroon market and the CIMA sub-region.

To achieve this, ZENITHE intends to revolutionize the insurance industry based on the following objectives :

  • Develop the digitization of its offers to increase its market share, in strict compliance with regulatory requirements ;
  • Strengthen operational excellence and system performance ;
  • Promote the security and integrity of information ;
  • Increase a wealth of sympathy amongst stakeholders in order to comply with sustainable development objectives.

To ensure that its objectives are met, management uses every means at their disposal. It focuses its strategy around :

  • The implementation of a digital platform for underwriting policies and the monitoring claims to optimize the route of its customers ;
  • La haute technicité et le professionnalisme de sa ressource humaine ;
  • A bunch of technical partners competing with the best standards of the insurance industry in the world ;
  • A risk management based approach ;
  • An accentuated communication to maintain and develop the motivation and support of all stakeholders.

The analysis of the results is permanent, and the measurement of the achievement of the objectives will be carried out at least once a year during the management review, in order to adjust the strategic direction.

The senior management is committed to making resources available to promote this total quality policy. It counts on the mobilization and the strong involvement of all for its implementation. It entrusts the follow up of its application to the Quality Coordinator, with the assistance of the various actors throughout the company's network. A permanent reporting will be submitted to the Management Committee.

Done in Douala, the 15th of June 2017.

Management team