Discover the job of a front desk insurance underwriter

In Cameroon, the insurance sector is one of those in which there are many job offers for sales representatives. If this job can facilitate access to an insurance company, it is not the only one that can be practiced. The job of a front desk insurance underwriter is an interesting position with a lot of opportunities. What does the job involve? What are the qualities and skills required to work as one? Here's a quick overview.

What is a front desk insurance underwriter?

If you're looking for a job in the insurance industry, as long as you know how to produce, and follow up, you can work as an insurance underwriter. These three verbs best describe this job. Playing a key role in the insurance company in Cameroon where he/she is employed, the underwriter develops and underwrites contracts.

Given that the needs of clients differ from one client to the other, insurance companies like ZENITHE, requires the underwriter to propose tailor-made insurance policies to clients, based on the information provided by the latter. The underwriter can also negotiate premium, he/she is also responsible for drafting amendments to contracts in the case of a modification. He/ she has a responsibility to assist the insured when the risk occurs and in the case of a claim

The main missions of a front desk underwriter

The underwriter has several missions. Primarily, she is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the follow-up of the contracts from their subscription to renewal;
  • Providing quotations for a variety of insurance solutions;
  • Analyze claims, including claims filed online;
  • Evaluating and processing claims files;
  • Comply with management's directives to develop the quality of operations and improve customer service;
  • Contribute to cleaning up the company's customer portfolio.

Given that these missions are essential to ensure the development of the insurance company, certain skills are required to hold the position of a front desk insurance underwriter.

The skills required to be a front desk insurance underwriter

Similar to the job of an in-house lawyer in insurance, to have a job as a front desk underwriter at Zenithe Insurance or elsewhere, you need to have certain skills. Job applicants with a degree in insurance are more likely to convince employers. However, some structures in Cameroon accept profiles with a proven professional experience in the insurance or banking sectors, without any particular degree.

In addition to the diploma or professional experience, to get a contract as an insurance underwriter, you must have a perfect knowledge of the risks covered by the company. A good mastery of computer tools is also necessary. In Cameroon, the underwriter must be able to express himself in English and French. This point is more important if you aspire to work at Zenithe Insurance, given the known for its bilingualism.

The qualities expected of an insurance producer

If you are looking for a job in Cameroon and you aspire to be an insurance underwriter, you must have certain qualities. In constant contact with the insured, the production manager must have an excellent sense of customer service, a great ability to listen and a perfect relational ease. Although he/she must be autonomous in the accomplishment of his/her tasks, he/she must be able to work in a team. Thoroughness and good writing skills are other essential qualities to excel in this job.


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