Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Securing the information of all stakeholders is at the heart of the company's (ZENITHE INSURANCE) concerns. Moreover, faced with the multiple risks involved, it is imperative to identify what must be protected, the level of access to certain information, to identify these risks, and to implement measures adapted to the right level of security adopted.

To do so, our strategy focuses on the implementation within the company of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001: 2013.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the ISMS, the involvement of everyone is required to attain the following objectives :

  • Define the target in terms of managing the security of information ;
  • Identify risks related to information security ;
  • Describe measures to improve the security of information on a daily basis.

Mindful of this, we are determined to implement the necessary means of protection for the effectiveness of this system by taking into account the major risks of information security specific to our activities :

  • Risk of divulgation - accidental or voluntary loss of confidentiality of sensitive information ;
  • Risk of alteration – loss of integrity ;
  • Risk of unavailability of information and processes dealing with it.

For better awareness of all stakeholders, the general conditions necessary to maintain an appropriate level of security are described in our information security charter.

The General Management formally commits to :

  • Support all actions that fall within the framework of this information security charter ;
  • Make available to the information security management system administrator all the means necessary for their realization.

To minimize risks and ensure sound information security management within the company.

Done in Douala, the 06th of February 2019.

Management team