Travel Insurance

Nobody can claim to be shielded from the risk of accidents or to be immunized against diseases especially when traveling abroad. And because good health is priceless, be sure to safeguard & guarantee your health before embarking on your trip.

Emergencies happen without warning and their consequences can be disastrous both financially and medically.

So what should you do?
The answer is simple: Get a travel insurance and assistance policy with Zenithe Insurance Plc, which offers 24 /7 worldwide service, with support from our international partner, MAPFRE, the global assistance company..

This insurance is mandatory in order to obtain a visa into European countries of the Schengen area.

In case of refusal of a visa « application into the Schengen » area by any member country, simply send us a receipt attesting the refusal. Upon receipt, your insurance premium will be refunded.