Travel Insurance

  • What does ZENITHE TRAVEL cover ?
It covers you against losses incurred while traveling/stay abroad.
The most common risks that are covered by travel insurance plans are :
  •   Cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption
  •   Theft, loss or destruction of your luggage and personal property
  •   Medical care and hospitalization
  •   Repatriation assistance following an illness or accident on the spot
  •   Reimbursement of legal fees and the advance of bail abroad
  •   Third party Liability while abroad
  •   Death or disability following an accident
  •   A premature return due to a serious accident of a relative, who has remained abroad
Report all claims to 691 911 639 mondays to fridays 8am to 4:30pm.
Our Customer service is available 24/7 at 694 308 232.