Repair assistance

Purpose of the warranty:

It covers damage incurred by the insured’s vehicle as well as accessories and spare parts which the manufacturer's catalogue provides for delivery at the same time as the vehicle after : a collision with another vehicle; a collision with an identified third party; overturning of the vehicle without prior collision.


Subscription conditions:

The following conditions must be met for a subscription;

- The vehicle must be of categories 1 and 2

- The vehicle is between 0 and 10 years old depending on the date of first circulation indicated on the registration certificate.

- That a report on the state of the vehicle be established with a supporting photograph

- That an appraisal report of all vehicles be drawn up for the car fleets

- That the guarantee against fire must be covered


Claims payment methods:

The compensation procedure can only be undertaken when a gendarmerie or police report has been made.



The following are not covered:

- Damage not resulting from a collision with an identified third party

- Damage resulting from a maintenance defect, vehicle wear or a manufacturing defect

- Damage to goods or personal effects contained in the vehicle

- Damage caused to the vehicle by the goods or objects transported

- Damage to tires

- Indirect damage: Loss of use, depreciation, etc.

- Glass breakage and head lamps.


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