Recourse Advance

Purpose of the warranty:

The purpose of the Advance on recourse guarantee is to prepay an advance on compensation due, for material damage suffered by the insured vehicle and following a collision between it and an identified vehicle belonging to a third party.


Guarantee conditions:

The following conditions must be met for reimbursement:

- The third party must be identified

- The third party must be guaranteed by an approved insurance company, which is neither the subject of a provisional administration measure nor of liquidation

- The third party claim must be served to the third party insurer

- The insured vehicle is not responsible/liable

- The insured undertakes not to obstruct the exercise of recourse by his insurer

- The insured transmits to his insurer all the documents allowing the precise identification of the liable party and his insurance company, as well as the determination of liabilities and the estimation of damages, namely:

  • The police or gendarmerie report
  • The estimate or invoice for repairing the damaged vehicle.


Modalities for Claims payment:

The limit per claim is set at 80% of the amount of compensation determined by an expert within the limit of the stated sum insured of the cover:

- Or 80% of the material damage, if the responsibility falls entirely on the opponent

- Or, in the event of shared responsibility, 80% of the corresponding amount.

In each case, the possible balance will only be settled after reimbursement from the third-party insurer.



No reimbursement is made under the third party liability cover, when the incident occurs between two vehicles belonging to the same insured.


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