Professional Indemnity (RC Pro)

  • What does ZENITHE RC pro cover ?

Zenithe RC Pro will indemnify the insured against civil liability for financial compensation in the respect of any claim made against the insured for professional negligence and in accordance with article 1382 and 1386 of the civil code.

  • What are the main guarantees offered ?
The Professional Indemnity is directly related to the activity carried out, that is to say the guarantees are adaptable according to the needs of each profession.
  •   Legal profession (notaries, lawyers, bailiff, etc.)
  •   Medical and paramedical professions (doctor, nurse, pharmacists, dentists, midwife, etc.)
  •   Architects
  •   Accountants
  •   General Insurance Agent
  •   Real Estate agents
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Our Customer service is available 24/7 at 694 308 232.