What if you injured to a third party?

We care about your well-being and that of your household in this time of crisis.

ZENITHE INSURANCE supports you in the event of damages or injuries to a third party, by yourself or a loved one, for example your children living at home and under your responsibility. Damages or injuries can occur at home (especially with the presence of children), in the neighbourhood or in the city. They can happen by your own doing or by family members living under your roof.

They can be a result of dog bites, making you are responsible, just as it may be damages to shared parts of a building or apartment where you reside and where you are at fault.

Zenithe insures your peace of mind by guaranteeing a dedicated officer to follow-up in order to facilitate reporting and monitoring of the disaster.

You can reach us by email, SMS, instant messaging and social networks.

Follow this link https://zenitheinsurance.com/en/product/12_head-of-household-liability to know more.

Head of household liability

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