A focus on understanding customers and claims has made Zenithe Insurance one of the most reliable insurance providers in the Cameroon market

When Zenithe Insurance PLC opened its doors to non- life insurance in 2006, there existed 16 insurance companies already in the industry (Source, ASAC report 2006). In a bid to position itself, she decided to focus on more than anything “making the customer its priority”. 7 years later, she won the M & A Awards in London for the best insurance company in Cameroon with a comfortable solvency margin rate of 188% and exceptional 10% technical results, revealing a mastery of claims.

Being customer centric and focusing on claims are two factors Zenithe attributes to her growth. To get to the position of best insurance company in the country, Zenithe directed her attention towards building a very devoted claims department; this permitted her to focus on each client’s needs, by treating each claim, minor or major as if it was the most important.

Zenithe realized that, to preserve its position as the “best insurer in Cameroon” she could not rely solely on the traditional means of customers having to come to their offices to report their claims, so, she put in place an online platform Zenithe e-insurance with dedicated agents where her clients could make their claims online in real time and get immediate responses.

As Zenithe grows, she aims to build and train all of her other departments, services and personnel with the optimal means of satisfying the client, to remain not only the insurer that speedily treats and pays claims but one that satisfy its customer’s needs efficiently.

On the 17th of February 2018, Zenithe Insurance won the THE GUARDIAN’S POST 2017 MOST RELIABLE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE YEAR for “ensuring speedy and prompt payment of claims to its clients”

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