Interview with Mr Mongoue Ronald, Account Manager, Headoffice

Young and brilliant, Ronald MONGOUE is a manager whose availability and listening skills are qualities that have earned him appreciation from both his colleagues and the many policyholders he manages.

Holder of a Master's degree in Business Administration obtained in July 2019 from Xidian University in China, he took his first steps at Zenithe Insurance in August of the same year as an intern at the Technical Department. Committed and hardworking, he quickly evolved into a commercial attaché, a position he held until September 2021, when he was appointed Head of the agency at Akwa, Douala. In April this year 2022, he was appointed Account Manager at the Headoffice.

Given his mastery of insurance, he brings us clarifications on Personal Accident insurance

What distinguishes personal accident insurance from health insurance?

Health insurance differs from personal accident insurance at the level of the initiating element of the care process. Let me explain. Health insurance is a management facility for insuring a person against financial risks incurred when they are suffering from an illness. Therefore the illness in this case is the initiating factor of the care process in health insurance management.  Whereas the initiating factor of personal accident insurance must be a road or work-related accident of the victim.

Who can subscribe a Personal Accident Insurance?

Any citizen can subscribe a personal accident insurance because everyone is predisposed to injury, be it a road accident, at home, at school, while executing their professional activity or even a sports activity.

What are the risks against which you are covered when you subscribe a Personal Accident Insurance?

The policyholder of a personal accident insurance is compensated in the event of bodily injuries suffered during an accident, whether the victim is responsible or not and even when a third party is identified or not.

Coverage varies from one contract to another, but generally includes the following cost engagements:

  • Medical expenses, hospitalization, medications, etc.
  • Funeral expenses in the event of death,
  • The financial loss caused by a cessation of work or a permanent disability,
  • Search, rescue and repatriation costs,
  • A part of the defense-recourse costs in the event of legal proceedings

Is this insurance accessible to all budgets?

Yes, at Zenithe Insurance we have everyone in mind and our utmost wish is that every Cameroonian Citizen be covered at least by a personal accident insurance policy so that they no longer live in worry.

Subscriptions can be done at least 5,000 FCFA including tax / year. Do not hesitate to visit this page to check it out. I also urge you to visit our agencies for more information.

Do other formulas of this insurance exist for companies? If so, which sectors of activities are concerned and what are the advantages?

There is no particular formula for companies, however all sectors of activities are concerned. For reasons being that, no employee, regardless of their sector of activity, is exempted from injury resulting from a road accident or in the course of the professional activity.

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