Employee Occupational Safety and Health at ZENITHE Insurance

Closely linked to occupational health, occupational safety is a multidisciplinary approach which aims to eliminate or reduce the risk of accidents likely to occur during the exercise of a professional activity.

Corporate Social Responsibility, and especially its internal dimension, inclusive of socially responsible practices concerning employees, is of importance for psychological risk management. Implementing CSR-related activities positively influences job satisfaction and quality of working life.

Occupational Safety and Health OSH, is one of the indicators used to measure the overall progress of companies in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A part of CSR can be achieved by raising awareness as to the occupational safety and health being of a reputation risk issue, because a company with poor OSH management can lose public trust.

 At ZENITHE Insurance, we try as much as possible to reduce risks in order to protect our employees and preserve their physical and moral integrity. The following are actions we engage in to ensure OSH;

  1. The simplification of our procedures to respect barrier measures.Your online insurance platform permits you to view insurance premium, subscribe and pay online without visiting our premises during this period of the covid-19 pandemic
  2. An occupational physician who is commonly known as a company doctor is available for employee follow up
  3. An ISO quality procedure to facilitate and guide the quality of work of our employees
  4. Frequent information on the evolution and the prevention of covid-19, control of visits with emphasis on compliance with barrier measures
  5. Frequent covid-19 tests for staff
  6. The regulation of working hours considering breaks
  7. The control of access to our offices through a security system so that staff and other users must badge in to gain access to the building
  8. A network of health centers in all areas where our employees are located
  9. Frequent cleaning, disinfection and vermin control of our premises
  10. An up to date technology for the security of our computer network and information systems


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