Celebration of International Women's Day 2019

The 34th International Women's Day kicked off at the Zenithe Insurance offices in Koumassi Bali under the national theme "Crusade Against Inequality: Tying to the New impetus"
This year's celebration kicked off on March 05 with the large gathering of female staff on the ground floor of the Annex Building for the launch of the activities. For a week, several activities were held to bring life to the event in the company, including:
  • An educational talk with the aim of sensitizing on stroke (Types-Signs and symptoms-consequences-prevention of psychological and financial consequences) presented by the Association AZUR VIGILANCE CAMEROON.
  • A roundtable on the theme of the day titled: "Crusade against gender inequalities: leaning on the new impetus".
  • Entertainment and relaxation with their fellow colleagues and guests of honor.

Alongside these activities, the women served gastronomic delights with the entire staff.

Finally on the D Day, was a remarkable participation of all the women in the March parade in the towns of Douala and Yaoundé

It should be noted during this edition the active and significant involvement of the company from the staff to the top management especially during the round table.

The Deputy General Manager , the Administrative and Financial Director and the Deputy Director in charge of Finance and Accounting have taken this opportunity to ask women to remain innovative in order to ensure their development and advancement in the company and the society as a whole.

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