Sport is one of the major activities that boosts the morale and productivity of employees at every workplace. This explains why staff members of Zenithe Insurance have a tradition of doing group sports once every week, notably every Fridays.

At the sporting complexes, various games such as football, handball, table tennis and even swimming are played. These activities do not only act as a motivator but also as a powerful method of team building and team bonding.

According to most of the employees of Zenithe Insurance, group sports enable them to stay fit and healthy as well as learn valuable lessons such as the value of working as a team, the importance of collective responsibility, and the importance of commitment and dedication to work.

The managers of Zenithe Insurance have also admitted that a weekly group sports with other employees teaches them the importance of thinking creatively.

Aside from group sports, Zenithe Insurance is very much involved in yearly corporate football leagues with other insurance companies. The insurance companies which often participates in these tournaments include AS Millenium, Beneficial life, Proassur, Area, saham, Allianz, Chanas, GMC, Activa, AGC and Zenithe Insurance.

Most of the matches are usually played on Saturday mornings at an accessible stadium within town. This is to make it possible for colleagues to be present at the stadium to cheer up their respective teams.

The Zenithe Insurance team did not perform poorly this season as it occupied the third position with 19 points.

Corporate soccer leagues generally improves team building, moral building and networking opportunities as it gives companies the opportunity to participate in outdoor football activities with colleagues, competitors and clients while keeping fit at the same time.

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