Zenithe Njang : A formula tailored to your needs

Zenithe Njang was launched a few years ago in an attempt to make health insurance and a whole lot of other products easily accessible. As a result of reviews, Njang products have been revised with better premiums in order to widen the scope of guarantees thus offering policy holders better protection. 


  A memento of the raison d’être of Zenithe Njang 

For every policy holder profile, and adequate Njang formula. The following are therefore offered; 


  • Njang Zen which offers health insurance and household liabilities 


  • Njang Prestige which offers health insurance plus head of household civil liability, multi-risk home and travel insurance 


  • Njang business which offers the health insurance plus medical insurance care abroad , individual accident, head of house civil liability, household liability, multi- business risks and travel Insurance. 


These different bundles make Zenithe Njang accessible to everyone irrespective of their profile 


Revised rates for more effective protection 

For every Njang product to offer better quality service to its policyholders, the limits and terms and conditions of coverage have been reviewed. This has led to a re-evaluation of the insurance premiums to be paid.


Thus, for the Njang Zen offer, the insurance premium including tax for the main insured rises from 30,000 FCFA to:

• 85,000 FCFA without hospitalization;

• 155,000 FCFA with hospitalization


For the Njang Prestige offer, the premium including tax goes from 70,000 FCFA to:

• 195,000 FCFA without hospitalization;

• 265,000 FCFA with hospitalization


For the Njang Business offer, the premium including tax goes from 500,000 FCFA to 820,000 FCFA.


 Extended guarantees and easier support 

 Njang’s new look aims at offering genuine health coverage to both policy holders and their families. Consequently, in addition to consultations and hospitalizations, Childbirth(single ,twin or surgical) and dental care are covered. Eyewear and healthcare abroad are also offered but only for Njang policyholders. 


 Another development in this new health insurance offer is the provision of biometric health cards to policyholders to enable them get 24/7 direct medical care from any or all of Zenithe’s affiliated health centers 


   People who can get njang’s new look product

 Anyone can subscribe to health insurance through Njang. The age limit for entering or renewing the contract is :


  • 60 Years for the Elderly 
  • 18 years for adults
  • At least 1 year for children. 


Both Parents and Children of a family can benefit 


Easy subscription   

Thanks to Zenithe Insurance’s online insurance interface , subscription to one of Njang’s products is made easier. Anyone who wants to subscribe to Njang Zen,Njang Prestige or Njang Business can do so without having to necessarily visit our branch offices. 


The same applies in the event of a claim, the declaration as well as the follow up can be done online. The time saving is enormous and the processing of files optimized. 

         With NJANG’s new look, Zenithe Insurance aims at giving everyone in the country effective protection. 


     You can request a quote. Call our customer service at 694 304 626 and 694 308 232 OR report your claims online by clicking here 24/7 

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