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In a context characterized by massive use of the internet, the popularity of mobile phones and the development of electronic payment solutions, the ease these services provide us are a key issue for companies in the insurance sector. They must adapt and take into consideration new customer habits in order to offer them a service that meets their needs. It is with this in mind that Zenithe Insurance launched its online insurance interface in 2017. Summary.


     The possibilities offered by the online insurance interface of Zenithe Insurance


All products offered by the company can be found and purchased online from Automobile Insurance to Home Insurance, including personal accident, travel insurance, health insurance and head of household liability just to name a few. Thus, thanks to the online insurance you can :

- Obtain a quote online (with instant response, for example for automobile insurance or delayed response, especially for manager’s liability);

- Pay your insurance online

- Renew or extend an insurance policy

- Report and monitor a claim from start to end until settlement

- Talk to an agent who will be able to respond to your concerns 


 The advantages of the Zenithe insurance online insurance interface

Zenithe Insurance online insurance interface has several advantages. First of all, the procedure is greatly simplified and therefore quick, which saves time. No more long queues at the branch, a few minutes is enough to fill in your information and have your request sorted out.

Then, provided you have an internet connection, you have access to the interface 24/7, no matter where you are. This makes it particularly possible to make an online subscription or to have access to your claims file whenever you wish.

Finally, the online Insurance interface is secure and customer data are protected. Isn't it satisfying that you can pay your insurance via Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money or VISA/Master Card and have it delivered to you at your doorstep?


Discover our online interface at or call our customer service at 694308232 for more information

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