Do You Know the Difference Between Your Building Insurance and Contents Insurance?

If your home or business premises are damaged, whether by fire, flooding, subsidence or criminal acts, you’ll need to make a claim to cover for the repairs. But do you know what’s covered? Do you know which policy to claim under?

It’s surprising how many customers we encounter who don’t seem to get the difference between Building Insurance and Contents Insurance. The problem is that, if you try to claim under the wrong policy, the insurer’s loss adjuster will turn you down. After that, it would be difficult to get them to look at a correct claim. And, of course, if you don’t know which the correct policy is, how can you know whether you have the insurance you need to start with?

Building and Contents Insurance

Broadly speaking, you would make an insurance claim on your Building Insurance if the permanent structure or fittings of the property are damaged, whereas loss or damage involving movable objects is likely to be covered by Contents Insurance. However, it’s not always quite that simple.

Some claims are obvious. For example, if the walls, roof, doors or windows of your property have been damaged, that would clearly come under Building, whereas if your jewelry or television set has been damaged or stolen, that would count as Contents. In many cases (e.g. fire or flooding) damage might extend to things under both categories. In this case, instead of making separate claims for building and then contents, Zenithe Insurance has a customized questionnaire, which collects information on the value of both aspects at the moment of your insurance subscription.

Our questionnaires are quite simple to fill? However you can get more advice from our advisers, or reach us directly on or on + +237694 30 82 32

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