Transport insurance: What you need to know

During your shipments, your goods are exposed to multiple risks ranging from handling, storage, transshipment and the transport itself.
Regardless of the mode of transport used, goods can suffer:

  • Deterioration, damage;
  • Loss;
  • Fire;
  • Theft;
  • Delay, etc.

Thanks to our guarantees related to the transportation of goods, we are committed to cover your goods transported by sea, air or land as well as their accessories from point A to point B, either on a named peril basis (FAP SAUF) or All Risks basis.

The handling of your goods can be done in the following policies: travel policy, declaration policy, open policy, third-party shipper policy.

In order to know the main elements that you must take into account before choosing your transport insurance policy in a logistics operation, contact us on or on + +237694 30 82 32

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