Confined but protected against accidents at home or at work

An accident is any bodily injury, unintentional on the part of the insured, resulting from a fortuitous and sudden action of an external or internal cause.

In life, only two cases of accidents systematically give rise to compensation to the victim for the bodily injuries suffered. The first is an industrial accident suffered by an employee, which is covered by the industrial accident - occupational disease insurance of the company. The second is a traffic accident suffered by a pedestrian or a cyclist: it is the car insurance of the offending vehicle which compensates the victim, even if the latter has a share of responsibility.

In other cases, no one is compensated for bodily injury suffered, unless they have taken out personal accident insurance. This guarantee is found in many contracts.

What does this warranty cover?

Personal accident compensates the insured in the event of bodily injury sustained during an accident, whether the victim is responsible or not, whether a responsible third party is identified or not.

Payments vary from one contract to another, but generally include the following cost commitments :

  • Medical, hospitalization, medication, etc. costs,
  • Funeral costs in the event of death,
  • Financial loss caused by a work stoppage or permanent disability,
  • Search, rescue and repatriation costs,
  • Part of the defence-appeal costs in the event of legal proceedings.

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