ZENITHE INSURANCE, winner of the Investor in People category for the second time in the pan-African programme, THE CORPORATE AWARDS

In the evening of the 6th of December 2019 in one of the luxurious halls of Hotel La Falaise Bonanjo in Douala, specially designed for the occasion, ZENITHE INSURANCE received the award of the category INVESTOR IN PEOPLE in the presence of its prestigious clients and partners.

In her speech, Mrs Ijeoma Vanessa MBOULE, Head of Communication, PR & Corporate Social Responsibility, seized the opportunity to thank the Chief Executive Officer of Zenithe Insurance, Mr NDECHAM Maxwell for his efforts to develop the staff of the company

Thanks to the engagement of its staff, Zenithe Insurance occupies a prestigious position on the insurance market in Cameroon, which means that the company is recognised. With this recognition, it solemnly commits to guarantee to its employees the best working conditions as set out in our Labor Code and our Collective Agreement in the insurance sector.

For the second time in the African program, Zenithe Insurance won the INVESTOR IN PEOPLE award (in 2016 previously). She has been nominated twice, for two other categories namely; Customer Service and Employer of Choice.

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